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Say hi to Hilton

To leverage the idea of hospitality for customers wanting an elevated city break experience. We created a platform that celebrates HILTON service across a range of European destinations and encourages direct bookings across multiple digital channels.

HILTON can. HILTON knows. HILTON is here to help.

HILTON is here. HILTON is there. HILTON is anywhere you need.

Not only is HILTON easy to find, but HILTON is also in your pocket, in the lobby and in your hotel room.

Our hospitality now extends beyond the doors of the hotel and stretches far and wide into the city. HILTON knows where the best bars are, the latest restaurants and secret gigs. HILTON knows how to get in when all the tickets are sold out when the venues are full.

Enjoy HILTON next time you take a city break, book direct and unlock the key to the unexpected.

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  • Copy - Stella Francis
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HILTON is sharp, smart and quite frankly, what HILTON doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing. Hilton is your friend on the ground. HILTON knows the cities inside out. Want to know a great local restaurant? Want to know the best way to the nearest station? Want to know the best clubs to go to, maybe what the tastiest local food is or hey, even how to say ‘hi’ to that one over there - HILTON can help. All you have to do is just say #hiHILTON and let us know how we can help.
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