Project Overview
Know yourself inside out

Medichecks is a private home blood checks company who have the UK’s largest range of checks available to consumers. The sector of home blood checks is relatively new to the UK. A key objective to the brief was to normalise the process and shift perceptions away from the pharmaceutical sector to one more focussed around well-being. By tapping into peoples motivations to positively improve their quality of life, understand their bodies, the campaign successfully attracted new customers.

As creative lead on the account at Designate I developed a bold design system using the dot of the i from the logo. The device played out in various forms in a wide range of applications from identity and UX to television, ooh and ads on social. It was flexible and striking a simple approach but one that helped connect the brand and consumer together we joined the dots.


  • Client
  • Medichecks
  • Agency
  • Designate
  • Credits
  • TVC - Sam Ojari
  • Animation - Felix
  • Photography - Charlotte
  • Services
  • Concepting, Art Direction, Branding, Digital Design, CX, UX
I directed a TVC for Kriston and he was what you'd call 'spot on' - a true collaborator, knowing when to step in and when to let me run with an idea. A great story teller through his for art direction and a natural at being creative under the constraints of the TV world.
Sam Ojari - Director and Co Founder of Studio Yes

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