Project Overview
Zemedy - Do you. Not IBS.

Tech startup Zemedy was looking to capitalise on unexpected organic growth after the launch of their exciting new app that offered a proven and popular new programme of managing IBS through a 10-week course of cognitive therapy for IBS suffers. The course is appealing to the UK market as drugs and a bureaucratic patient journey via the NHS has left many feeling very much unloved and underwhelmed with the options provided. The fact is cognitive therapy works, it offers guidance and techniques to allow suffers to get back to themselves with added knowledge and confidence.

The brief was to introduce this new drug-free alternative to a wider UK audience during #IBSweek. Designed to be disruptive in every sense the “Cut The Crap” CTA offers an insightful and human response to the huge volumes of suffers in the UK. The work below is initial conceptual work which won the UK account for Noisy Beast. Operating as a small team in the UK it was very much a team effort, a fantastic product and refreshing to see how impactful and bold a health and wellbeing product can be in an often bland pharma-led sector.

  • Client
  • Bold Health
  • Agency
  • Noisy Beast
  • Credits
  • Copywriter - Tommy Rae Jr
  • Services
  • Concepting, Art Direction, Branding, Motion Graphics, Digital Design
Cut the crap! Take the #IBSchallenge and use your mind to control your stomach.

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