Project Overview
Kuoni - Our experience makes yours

Simple, memorable, evocative. Aren’t shared experiences just better all round? That you’re willing to share them is proof of this. It’s the start of an invitation in. It’s warm and welcoming. We’re not selling, we’re sharing. We won’t talk at you, we’ll chat with you. It’s instantly digital too. That’s what people do online. Share stuff. It’s a great messaging platform to utilise in social.

Inspirational yet attainable imagery shot on location that reflects that sense of first-person discovery and exploration. The Maldives, Marrakech and Thailand locations should provide a rich source of beach and beyond imagery. Clean and simple with a white border, it evokes photographic memories. A look very much in keeping with the brand.

We feature a person in the image to get the sense of ‘being there’ as well as the idea that this is something to be shared. Is it the PTE (Personal Travel Expert) or is it the customer, it doesn’t matter… It’s an invitation.

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  • Kuoni
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  • Copywriter - Dan Fagg
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  • Concepting, Art Direction, Branding, Motion Graphics, Digital Design

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